Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Briggs Pond                                          

My place is wet, and murky. It can be as dry as a desert in some places. It is full of life, and is a distance away from home. Walking through college campus to get there, you see the path that will lead you to my place. It is about four fathoms deep in the center, my place is Briggs Pond.

You here so many things in this small place. It is like you are strolling through a jungle and you here a variety of animals. For instance, you here the bullfrog roar, and the snakes slither across the ground, and water. The extensive trees sway, and the thin blades of grass that whisper to each other in the small gusts of wind. You think that is all, but then, you here the fish jump from the water, like a rocket flying to outerspace, to catch its meal. You think an orchestra just started up with all the different sounds each fish makes when it slaps against the water falling back in.

While you are walking around you can feel the ground move with life, or possibly it is you sliding on the mud. You are now sweating, so you decide to remove your shirt and tie it in your belt loop. When you start climbing the hill, you grab the jagged branches that seem to dig into your skin. When you reach the top you realize you have forgotten something. You then find your own way down trying not to fall into the brook. While down, there snatching the item you forgot, you discover a small path through the trees, that lead you to a new place. It has an even smaller pond, and what looks like to be a beaver dam. You now exit the area knowing you found it.

Next, your buddies arrive, about five or six of them. They brought there fishing poles, and there paraphernalia. You go to the old tree that stretches across a fourth of the pond. Two of them on one branch, two on the ground, and two on the other branch. Finally, you send your cast out, and wait. Something nibbles, and you jerk back, almost falling of the tree into the pond, you regain your balance. Then, finally, set the hook. Then real it in with all your might. You hold the fish in one hand and take the hook out with the other, and you see that the fish desires water. Then you decide to put it back in the pond.

Finally, at the end of your day it is time to pack up your gear. You then untie your shirt from your belt loop. To releave yourself from the heat, you dampen your shirt and throw it on. Once you exit the fishing spot, you walk around the pond a few times before leaving. Right before you leave, you turn around, and say "Bye," to the pond.   -- Isaac B.

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