Wednesday, October 3, 2012

 Out in the Pacific Ocean, lies an island full of adventure and serenity. It is a place that is overflowing with animals and people. The island serves as a home for those who reside there, as well as a paradise getaway for anyone who chooses to make the extensive trip to see its beautiful wonders.

I find Oahu to be a breath taking place! From the volcanoes that seem to scrape the sky, to the depths of the crystalline blue waters that seem to scoop down into the Earth forever, it is one of a kind. No other island can compare to that of Oahu. It leaves me so relaxed and free as I think about sitting on the yellow sandy beaches overlooking the water that seems to poke the sky everytime a wave forms. The beaches stand as warriors protecting the island from the harsh waters through the torrential rain and storms.

When I imagine myself being in Oahu, I picture myself sitting under a lanky green palm tree, digging my toes into the rough sweltering sand. I think of myself sniffing the imperturbable sea breeze and sipping my glacial, vivid orange mango smoothie. Every sip chills my lips and sets off a celebration in my mouth. Next, I hearken to the booms of the Hawaiian drums as they compose an entergetic, upbeat song.

As I dream of sitting under the blazing sun, I think of watching the colorful birds dance among the branches of the brown gnarled trees that bear not too far from me. I forget about reality, and all of the hustling people that pass me. I draw myself in my imagination strolling down to the smooth water, and dipping my toes deep down under the surface.

The world seems to pause whenever I think about this wonderful island. Clearly, no other place can compare to the interesting island of Oahu. It is an island of its own.  -- Mikki H.

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