Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Out in the country, beyond the howling winds and the mysterious mountains is a breath taking sight. The light from the warm sun leaves tinted shadows across the land. The breeze from the cold winter wind gives a chilling experience. You can hear the birds whispering a sweet lullaby as they glide across the sky. The sweet visit of friendship and family is awaiting. Extraordinary adventures are ready to be discovered. As you shuffle across the gravel road you will see a strong building: an old-fashioned dark blue house that belongs to my grandmother. 

My grandmother's house is full of adventures. Once you first enter the house you smell the wonderful aroma of fresh baked cinnamon rolls. As you bite into the scrumptious food your taste buds get an outstanding delight. The texture of the warm pastry feels moist as it rest in the palms of your hands. While pacing through the house, you will see picture frames full of memories and of family and friends.Also you may see the many types of different furniture and hues upon the walls.The colors of creme and burgundy sponged walls lighten the room. Nick-nacks,posters, and pictures appear on the bare walls. They are fun to look at and absorb. Even though, you can see that my grandma's house can be quite exciting and wondrous. 

My grandmother's house can get quite crowded sometimes. In the first place, my family and friends visit every so often and it can get a little full. Secondly, my grandmother owns her own business and sometimes and that can be a little hectic. Usually when family comes we discuss family memories, vacations, and adventures from previous years. Although my grandmother's house can get quite crowded we all enjoy the company. 

My grandmother's house is an interesting place. First, it has many opportunities. Secondly, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Third, my friends and family are always there to keep everyone company. Also my grandmother's house is welcoming to the neighborhood.As you can see, my grandmother's house is an fun, interesting, and adventurous place.   -- Emily M.

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